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TAG Super Anodes™

Introducing the next generation of Cathodic Protection (CP) systems

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A revolutionary Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Anode based system that is up to 10 times more efficient than "current" systems used today.
Unmatched performance
Advanced properties far exceed the performance of any other currently fielded CP system.

Unmatched longevity / sustainability
Advanced properties virtually eliminate anode degradation from heat and external environmental influences such as soil/seawater chemicals.
  • Pose minimal environmental impact by virtually eliminating heavy metal contamination
  • Reduce electrical power requirements
  • Contribute to the long-term sustainability of the protected asset and CP system
  • Include recycled waste by-products produced by other manufacturers
Patent pending and proprietary “R”-Breeze™
  • TAG™ Anodes achieve as much as 10 times or more the efficiency of traditional anodes currently in use.
  • TAG™ Anodes are engineered with advanced materials to not break down under normal conditions experienced in subsurface geological or maritime applications.
  • TAG™ Anodes do NOT “sacrifice” heavy metals into the environment.
  • TAG™ Anodes require less power demand to achieve same or better results.
  • TAG™ Anodes are built under UL/CUL Certification within AEP to ensure high quality control.
Real World Example
Depleted Cathodic Protection (CP) bed in highly-resistive rocky soil.
  • 10 Traditional anodes requiring 49 Volts to produce 0.87 Amps
  • Replaced by 2 TAG™ Anodes requiring 9 Volts to produce 3.2 Amps
    • Number of Anodes - 80% Increase in sufficiency!
    • Volts Required - 82% Increase in efficiency!
    • Amps Produced - 268% Increase in efficiency!
  • Existing ICCP technology is unpredictable and costs more to operate over time as “old technology” anodes degrade, requiring increased electrical demand, up to system failure.
  • TAG™ anodes do not degrade appreciably over time, and use considerably less electrical energy to achieve not only equivalent, but better performance.
  • Less power demands for CP translates to operating and capital cost savings, helps preserve the integrity of protected assets longer than “old” technology, and returns electrical energy back to the power grid. 
Consider cumulative power and cost savings over entire inventory of protected assets!

Presentations and Videos

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Chemguy goes over corrosion and the concept of cathodic protection.
Chemguy goes over corrosion and the concept of cathodic protection.

Chemguy goes over corrosion and the concept of cathodic protection.