TAG Super Anodes™

  • Cutting Edge Cathodic Protection with environmentally low impact
  • Up to 10 times greater effectiveness over traditional anodes


What is the value of preserving valuable and limited assets?

What are the operational savings using advanced CP technology?

What is the cost not using TAG™ Anodes?

AEP&T's TAG Super Anodes™ Cathodic Protection

TAG Super Anodes ™
TAG Super Anodes ™
Green Cathodic Protection (Environmentally low impact)
TAG Super Anodes ™
TAG Super Anodes ™
Achieve10 times the efficiency of traditional anodes
TAG Super Anodes ™
TAG Super Anodes ™
Use less energy and achieve better performance
TAG Super Anodes ™
TAG Super Anodes ™
Preserve protected assets longer spending less electricity
TAG Super Anodes ™
TAG Super Anodes ™
Far less voltage producing significantly more amperage


  • TAG™ Anodes achieve as much as 10 times or more the efficiency of traditional anodes currently in use.
  • TAG™ Anodes are engineered with advanced materials to not break down under normal conditions experienced in subsurface geological or maritime applications.
  • TAG™ Anodes do NOT “sacrifice” heavy metals into the environment.
  • TAG™ Anodes require less power demand to achieve same or better results.
  • TAG™ Anodes are built under UL/CUL Certification by AEP&T to ensure high quality control.
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